Fair Oaks Rehab Resident Spotlight Linda Love

Resident Spotlight: Linda Love

A great way to learn more about our community is to hear our residents’ opinions about us. They know best! Ask Linda Love. Friendly and caring, Linda has lived in our South Beloit, Illinois community about nine months. Our senior living community was her first choice because it was close to her home and her friends had recommended it as a good place to live.

Best Parts of Our Lifestyle

Providing short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care is just part of why seniors in the Winnebago County area choose our center. Linda says her favorite part of living here is how gracious the team members are to her.

“I appreciate the kindness of the staff,” she said. In particular she likes the CNA professionals. “The staff is attentive to my needs, they have good communication skills and I can say ‘no’ and that is okay.”

Honoring your personal preferences is a top priority at our community. Residents are faced with a diverse set of multiple choices every day, including meal options, activities, exercise classes and entertainment. There’s something engaging to choose from around every corner, and it’s always your choice.

Linda’s Background

A lifelong resident of the South Beloit area, Linda was a homemaker and married for 21 years. She has two sons and one daughter. Linda enjoys playing with her dog. Our community is pet friendly, so residents can have their furry friend as a roommate if they choose.

We Can Help in Your Decision-Making

You can rely on us to help you make the best choice for your next address or that of a loved one. Schedule a convenient time to learn more now, and bring your questions.