What’s New at Fair Oaks? The Latest Senior Living Activities

Age is nothing but a number. You are only as old as you feel. These adages are meant to be inspirational as we enter our golden years of life, but they also hold elements of truth. Lifestyle and activity level, including social activities for seniors, all play an important role in how each person feels from day to day as we age. And there are always things that can be done to help anyone feel younger and stronger, to keep the mind alert and sharp and to help anyone feel empowered throughout their life. Here are six suggestions for living happy and healthy in your golden years:

  1. Stay physically and socially active
  2. Eat a healthy, nutritious diet
  3. Stay connected with friends and loved ones
  4. Prioritize mental health
  5. Take measures to prevent accidents, including fall prevention
  6. Understand any existing medical conditions and the care required

In communities like Fair Oaks Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, senior living community activities are designed to help keep residents active, engaged and looking forward to what comes next!

Recent Senior Living Activities

Fair Oaks Rehabilitation offers residents choices for daily entertainment and senior living activities, while also incorporating special events for holidays, to mark special occasions and just to add a spark to an average day. In May, the residents headed outside to enjoy the sunshine when the temperatures began to rise! They loved getting some fresh air and getting a glimpse of the outdoor fun that was just around the corner. To mark Arbor Day, the Fair Oaks Rehab team and residents planted a plum tree! This was a fun activity for the group, while helping to support the planet and offering a chance for everyone to watch the tree grow for years to come. For Mother’s Day, residents and team members spent time talking about their motherhood journeys and even had a special visitor! A young girl from the neighborhood came to deliver flowers to residents.

About Fair Oaks

In addition to providing nutritious meals, physical fitness programs, on-site therapies and social activities, Fair Oaks Rehabilitation is committed to creating a healing environment for residents. Through the integration of traditional health care and holistic wellness programming, LOTUS offers optimum, best-case outcomes to those in post-surgery rehabilitation. The LOTUS program creates a calm, soothing environment for a unique approach to healing focused on the mind, the body and the spirit.

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